Is this you?

Tired of battling heat in your home?  Tired of being uncomfortable in the home you live in?  Tired of paying high prices to attempt to cool your home?  You've come to the right place.  Our patented radiant barrier technology can help your home become more comfortable for years to come.


The Foil Rafter Vent Radiant Barrier comes in 24" and 16" widths.


Installs easily between truss/rafters. Then 2 staples on each side tabs required.

Finished Product

Thanks to your newly installed radiant barrier, heat is now radiated back out of your attic space.  Making the living space more comfortable.

Need proof?

Foil Vent is a patented radiant barrier technology to help reduce excessive heat gain in your attic space.   This allows the heat to be radiated back out of the attic and vent naturally. The thermal image here shows just how effective it is at reducing the heat gain in that attic space.  The dark blue areas are foil vent being installed (102 degrees F).  Red / Orange areas are the typical roof areas (130 degrees F).



Since 1993